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View of Gatehouse Cottage, Tarset, Tynedale, Northumberland

Gatehouse Cottage is a private home in Gatehouse, a small settlement in the Tarset valley, Northumberland, England.

Gatehouse, a long-standing farming location, was on the route of one of the post medieval drove roads, used to take livestock from Scotland and the borders towards London, for their ultimate sale at Smithfield market.

The cottage was built for farm workers in the 19th century, probably at the same time as South Gatehouse. The cottage retained use of its own private water supply up until the 1990s when mains water was connected. The spring continues to run today.

Gatehouse North Bastle

The cottage was built adjacent to Gatehouse North Bastle, a fortified farmhouse built in the late 16th century as protection from the border reivers and characterised by their thick walls, 2-storey construction, single entrance to the living quarters and narrow slit windows. Farm animals would be kept in the ground floor stable and the people above.

Gatehouse North Bastle was re-roofed and an additional doorway added in the 19th century. It is a listed building and scheduled ancient monument.

Gatehouse and environs

Gatehouse is located in the 73 square mile parish of Tarset and Greystead, in Upper North Tyne Ward, part of the former Tynedale District, the largest district in England with virtually the lowest population density (0.3 per Ha).

The other properties in Gatehouse are South Gatehouse and Gatehouse Farm. Nearby are the Old School House and Diamond Cottage at Lane End on the way to Greenhaugh, and Heathery Hall, Newbiggin Farm and Gleedlee Farm towards Comb. The current weather is available online.

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Gatehouse boundaries in the early 20th century Gatehouse Cottage porch Gatehouse boundaries in 2007 Detail of cottage wall
Gatehouse Cottage, Tarset, Northumberland, NE48 1NG United Kingdom